What makes us different

How we work

We work very differently to most small website agencies, who are typically set up to deliver website projects only.

Our ambition remains to be the best provider for customer service and support in the market and this requires thinking differently to the rest.

Our core principle guides us and sets the direction for the way we deliver projects and services and our founders used this approach to great success in their previous careers.

We have invested thousands of hours refining our standard operating procedures, checklists, systems and tools to ensure you receive the highest levels of website care and support.

Our Approach

Think big, start small, move fast

Our core principle guides us and sets the direction for the way we deliver projects and services and our founders used this approach to great success in their previous careers.  We encourage our customers to think big and work with them to reach those goals in a way that fits their business plans, availalbe resources and budgets.


Our delivery process, design templates and pre-built components are all designed to work together to get you a modern and visually appealing website in the shortest possible timeframe.

With your website being fully managed and including development time each month for changes, we’ll work with you to improve your site as your business evolves.

  • Your website support actively promote business growth
  • Can you sell, take bookings or deliver using it?
  • Can automation and the smart use of data maximise efficiency or improve customer experience?


Without losing site of the end goal, we believe understanding the journey but having a laser focus on the next step of that journey is the key to success. We’ve seen projects grind to a halt and the businesses beaten by a more agile competitor.

Getting going with an idea, learning what works well and regularly changing things to benefit from that knowledge is the key to remaining competitive in an ever-changing world.

  • We look for the simplest way to meet your business objectives
  • A phased approach to delivery better manages complexity
  • Advanced capabilities delivered through Premium plugins and integration
  • Websites are designed to scale with you without costly rebuilds


Like Harry S Truman, we believe that imperfect action beats perfect inaction every time. Your new business website should be the same. Go with what’s ready and keep adding to it.

While we love to design and build fantastic tech, we use ‘off the shelf’ where possible as we believe this is usually the right solution for most businesses.

  • Landing / holding pages can help convert leads while a new site build is underway
  • Launch an interim site until the full site is ready
  • All sites a fully managed, so changes can be delivered post-launch without additional costs

Our Structured approach

Proven service delivery

Unlike most agencies, we only supply fully managed websites, so service delivery is the bedrock our relationships are built on. Most of our customers renew with us year after year because of our relentless approach to support and focus on service delivery.

Your Web Partner

Experts on your team

By choosing GorillaHub, you get access to our team of design, technical, development, marketing and service delivery experts. This is the most cost-effective and simplest way to invest in your key business marketing asset – your website.

Your Web Solutions, In One Place

Meet the Team


Relentless approach to support

Our online ServiceDesk provides an easy way to communicate with our tech team to solve problems or plan website changes. While you focus on growing your business, let the experts take care of your website.

Getting Help

Technical Expertise

The web developer's web developers

We have a solid reputation for our WordPress and web development expertise, so much so we are the first choice for many freelancers and agencies when things get a little too technical for them. 


Automation & Monitoring

We can't be everywhere all the time

Security threats are ever present and the typical website can face hundreds of automated attacks a day.  To help us we have invested in sophisticated monitoring systems (we even write our own WordPress health checks).

Hand in hand with our monitoring system is our suite of automated website checks checking everything from what plugin updates are needed though to speed, performance and SEO health checks.

Our team use these tools to ensure a more consistent and thorough approach to managing your website through our popular Care Plans

Care Plans

Our Secret Weapon

Meet GorillaBot

GorillaBot was our first new hire back in 2016 and joined us initially to back up and monitor our customer’s websites. Over the years she’s become smarter and now works tirelessly supporting the team.

We are still teaching her new tricks and she normally adds a new responsibility to her role each month. She’s one of the key differences looking after customer websites that other agencies can’t match.

So what can she do?

  • Software management

    Keeping your website software up to date is a key defence against hacking and GorillaBot monitors your website’s WordPress, Theme and plugins to understand what needs updating to keep it working correctly and to fix any security vulnerabilities before hackers have a chance to exploit them.

  • Copying your site

    Before we carry out any development work on your website we take a copy and install it on our staging environment.  This is the safest way to work as your live site is not put at any risk.  Only when you are happy to we deploy it to live.

    This takes time and before we programmed GorillaBot to do it it would take a Developer around 30m – she can now do it in around 5m.  So we do it all the time now.

    Good news for us, good news for you

  • Backups

    We need a reliable way to take a copy of your site in readiness to deploy it to Staging to work on safely or to move it to a new location.  This was GorillaBot’s first success and the foundation for many of her other tricks.

  • Google speed testing

    New for Q4 2022.

    We are looking into ways to connect GorillaBot to Googles speed testing platform so we can perform real-time performance monitoring in the same way Google does to assess your website speed.

  • WordPress Vulnerbility monitoring

    New for Q1 2023.

    With nearly 60,000 plugins available for WordPress, it’s a sad reality that a plugin Developer simply stops developing a plugin.  This introduces security risks as vulnerabilities are not patched.

    Unsupported software will eventually fail as WordPress, themes and other plugins are updated so understanding if software used on your website has been abandoned is crucial.

    We’re developing a system to monitor for reported vulnerabilities to avoid critical security or functionality issues before they occur.

Clever, eh?

If you want to know more or think we’d make a great partner for your growing business….

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