Community & Social Responsibility

We believe that even as a small business, we have a responsibility to do good where we can within our local community and beyond

Community Football

Windsor & Eton FC

We are proud supporters of Windsor’s new football club, Windsor & Eton FC on their mission to make the club a focal point of the community

aerial shot of road surrounded by green trees

Protecting the Environment


We are on a journey to find technology solutions that minimise damage to the environment, from remving paper entirely to running cuutomer websites on 100% renewable hosting.


Proudly Supporting Those Who Serve

As a veteran-owned business, we support those who serve and are proud to have pledged support to the Armed Forces Covenant

Our Pledge

Adopting Gorillas with the WWF

Protecting Gorillas

There are only around 1000 mountain gorillas remain in in the wild and they are at threat from loss of habitat, poaching, human illness and conflict with humans. 

As we take our name and inspiration from these amazing creatures, we want to help them so we adopt a gorilla for every small business owner who orders a website from us.