Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome, or the belief you just are not good enough and a fraud, is very common among small business. Which of the 5 types are you?
2 November 2020 | Digital Business

Ever felt like you’re faking it? That as a business owner you don’t believe you deserve your success? Or that you are not really cut out for it? This is known as Imposter Syndrome and is extremely common amongst entrepreneurs and small business owners.

There more successful and skilled you are, the more likely you are to think that you’re stupid and faking it. The key lies in perception v.s reality, and how successful people can deal with feeling like a fraud whilst still striving and reaching their goals.

This article does a great job of explaining imposter syndrome and identifies 5 types.

The key thing to understand is that this is just a perception problem – and that others don’t see what you see. The fact you think you are an imposter means you cannot actually be one so relax and just keep doing what you do.

When I have my doubts, it’s because I dont think my work meets the standard required, so I’m a Number 1 – The Perfectionist.

Which are you?