Vans Direct – Site rebuild with dynamic content and data management

Refresh of online vehicle catalogue site, with complete redesign of data structure and dynamic content in order to keep the site up to date with minimal administration effort.
24 April 2017 | GorillaHub News is the UK’s largest independent retailer of new commercial vehicles and sell 100’s of new vans each month, meeting the needs of 1000’s of customers across the UK. Having built and maintained the existing site for a number of years, we were excited by the opportunity to work with VansDirect again to refresh the site to meet their new business objectives:

  1. Improve SEO by promoting vehicle ranges
  2. Mobile experience to match desktop
  3. Simplify inventory and pricing management within the CMS
  4. Use dynamic data to ensure site content is consistent

Using the existing site as a baseline, we worked closely with Vans Direct’s design and marketing teams to understand all the desired changes.  This started with a complete redesign of the data structure, allowing both bulk upload of vehicle specifications and pricing from spreadsheet.Another powerful use of structured data is the ability to automatically pull data within pages when needed, such as the vehicle dimensions and pricing.