WordPress 5.4 to WordPress 6 provisional release schedule

WordPress has laid out the provisional release schedule for the next 2 years in the run up to WordPress 6, with 5.4 slated for the end of March.
22 November 2019 | WordPress

WordPress has just published the release schedule up to WordPress 6 in December 2021.

The exact dates are still to be confirmed once the cycle starts once high level planning starts.

Interestingly, there is discussion within the WordPress community that the project might change the release approach to push more frequent changes.


WordPress 5.4

31 March, 2020

WordPress 5.5

11th August, 2020

WordPress 5.6

8th December, 2020

WordPress 5.7

9th March, 2021

WordPress 5.8

8th June, 2021

WordPress 5.9

14th September, 2021

WordPress 6.0

7th December, 2021


Source: httpss://make.wordpress.org/core/2019/11/21/tentative-release-calendar-2020-2021/