Brand Assets Pack

Professional redraw of your business logo in Adobe Illustrator, allowing you to use it for any designs in the future.  Detail the colours and fonts needed in a brand guidelines PDF and supply the scalable logo file and ready to use colour and black and white versions.

Do you need proper brand assets for your business?

If you are designing something for your business, from building a new website, business cards or producing vinyls for your van, your supplier will require high-resolution logos, specified colours and the fonts used within your business.

These are known as brand assets and our graphic designer will create these for you using the industry-standard graphics software, Adobe Illustrator, to redraw your logo  We will detail the colours and fonts needed and document them in a brand guidelines PDF you can send to any supplier that will be working with your brand, saving you time and money.

We’ll supply the scalable logo file and ready to use colour and also include black and white versions of your logo.

Did you know?

Your logo files should be in 2 formats; raster logos are best for general use, while vectors are best for logos, illustrations, product artwork, signage, print and embroidery.

Professional reworking of your business logo for any application

If you only have a low-resolution logo or need alternate formats, we’ll redraw it in Adobe Illustrator, allowing it to be used in any designs in the future.

Our graphic designer will also supply black and white variations for use on coloured backgrounds or images.

Your final logo will be supplied as jpg, png and vector files

We’ll also include a brand guidelines sheet to ensure you get the most from your brand and you can specify the exact colours needed for designs.

Professional redraw of your business logo in Adobe Illustrator, allowing you to use it for any designs in the future.  Detail the colours and fonts needed in a brand guidelines PDF and supply the scalable logo file and ready to use colour and black and white versions.

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Perfect for...

  • Businesses needing a professional set of brand assets
  • Detailing your brand colours and fonts to send designers
  • Redrawn logo will scale for large-format use such as printing

What we'll do

  • Redraw your existing logo in Adobe Illustrator
  • List the exact colours and fonts making up your brand
  • Produce a brand guidelines PDF
  • Create black and white variations of your logo

What you'll receive

  • A full hi-resolution logo set
  • A set of black and white variations
  • Logos supplied in vector and raster formats(svg/eps/png)
  • A brand guidelines sheet

"From the offset Craig and his team were highly communicative, very responsive, and took our ideas and change requests into account without any hassle"

Dan Hayward, Managing Director
Atmosphere IT

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Argon International

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The Word Woman

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Jon Brooker, Founder

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Adam Straw, Owner
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Getting Started

As soon as we receive your order we'll be in touch within one business day to discuss the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Design

    Q: How long does it take to build a website?
    A: We can build a website in as little as a week.

    Q: Will my site look like my competitors?
    A: No, unlike some of our competitors, we don’t limit your choices to a few generic templates. We will customise every template to perfectly fit your brand.

    Q: Can I change the images?
    A: Of course, you can supply your own images and/or find stock images you can use that will fit the design

    Q: Can I change the layout?
    A: Absolutely. You have full control over how you’ll site will look to make it perfectly fit your personality & brand.

    Q: I don’t have a brand (or I don’t want to use it). Is this a problem?
    A: It depends. We can build using what you have already but you might want our designers to create something fresh and new, from a simple logo redraw up to a full rebrand.

  • Ordering & Payments

    Q: Can I order and pay online each month?
    A: Yes. All plan payments are online via Direct Debit

    Q: Can I pay in full instead of Direct Debit?
    A: Sure. Drop us a message and we’ll send you an invoice

    Q: Who actually owns the website?
    A: During the first year, we retain ownership of the site (not your content) until the balance is paid off. At this point, website ownership transfers to you.  If paying in full, the site is owned by you from the start

    Q: What happens after the first year?
    A: If you’d like us to continue managing, hosting and supporting your website then you’ll move to a Care Plan. If , instead, you are leaving us at that stage (we’ve not had one yet) we’ll package and supply your site for you to transfer to your new provider.

    Q: Are there any additional costs?
    A: No. Our Website Plan prices are all published and fixed. Should your requirements change during the build there may be additional work needed and this will be discussed with you at the time if it requires an adjustment to your monthly fee.

  • Maintenance

    Q:  Do I need to do any updates?
    A:  No – and we recommend you don’t as we’ll review and test on a copy of your website where needed.

    Q:  Are all plugins included?
    A:  Yes, free plugins are included in all plans.  Premium (paid) plugins are included with Site Management Plans & bespoke websites.

    Q:  Do you look after security?
    A:  Yes.  We take security very seriously and set it up to be as secure as is practical.  We keep a close eye on your site and should the worst happen, recover it as a priority.

    Q:  What is included in routine maintenance?
    A:  Updates to WordPress Core, Themes and plugins

    Q:  What about development?  Is this classed as Maintenance?
    A:  No.  Minor Development changes are made using included Support Time included in Site Essentials and Site Management Plans.  TimeBank can also be purchased separately for this kind of work.


  • Support

    Q: How do I make changes to my website?
    A: You are free to make changes yourself to content to layouts using the Elementor builder, but with up to 60 minutes of support time available each month most of our clients ask us to do it.

    Q: How do I get support?
    A: Simply visit our ServiceDesk and log a request for our technical team to sort for you.

    Q: If I don’t use my support time, does it roll over?
    A: No, your support time is reset monthly

    Q: What happens if I have outstanding changes to make and I run out of time?
    A: For routine changes, we’ll finish them up for you, recording the additional time, (fair use applies). For bigger requests, we’ll ask you to purchase some TimeBank to cover the work.

    Q: What can I ask for help with?
    A: Anything. We can sort most routine issues out for you.