100% renewable energy for our Care Plans

From February 2022, all our standard hosting used in our Care Plans is now powered 100% by renewable energy

The internet’s global contribution to greenhouse gases is similar to the airline industry (around 3.7%) and left unchecked, will only increase considering 63% of the world’s population now use the internet.

We are on a journey to find technology solutions that minimise damage to the environment and an essential part of that is finding is suppliers that promote sustainability. We are still looking to replace all our web hosting options, but since February 2022 our standard hosting has been powered 100% by renewable energy and passes the Green Web Foundation’s sustainability checks.

This applies to all new and most of our current Care Plan customers. Some customers on previous-generation hosting can benefit from this by migrating their website to our new green web hosting, and we will be communicating with our customers to discuss that in the coming months.