We’ve created the best football website in Berkshire

Ascot United was voted the best footballing website at the FIB Awards last night. What a result for the club and our team!
16 June 2022 | GorillaHub News

At last night’s Football in Berkshire Awards, the website we created and manage for Ascot United won the Best Football Website award.

We are absolutely thrilled for the club and pleased our ideas, vision, and support has been recognised by the footballing fans in Berkshire.

With over 70 teams, statistics, results, fixtures, pitch bookings, club and team news, match reports and sponsorship platform, the site has many moving parts we need to monitor and manage.

Of course, a website can only be as good as the content it presents, and Ascot United do an amazing job of keeping their fans and players updated with the latest news.

See for yourself: http://ascotunited.net