Are you on board with collecting customer reviews?

94% of consumers said they would be influenced by reviews when making a purchase decision - do reviews have a part in your growth strategy?
7 September 2022 | Digital Business

Whether you are a doctor on Doctify, a financial adviser on Vouchedfor, a plumber on Trusted Traders or Amazon looking for product reviews, getting a 5* review is becoming one of the main focuses of business owners and their marketing teams.

Reviews are now even impacting employment choices, with @Glasshouse providing a platform for current and previous employees to upload their views on a place of work.

Reviews have always been a contentious subject, how can you tell if a review is authentic and non-biased?

Could the staff of the company be placing all of the amazing reviews and could a competitor make up poor reviews, making it difficult for your business to keep up on the search, as you may drop below the dreaded 4 stars, which can and often will have a direct impact on your response levels?

In a UK survey carried out by, 94% of consumers said they would be influenced by reviews when making a purchase decision, with over half of consumers saying they regularly refer to online reviews.

Does it really matter if I get less than a 4-star review?

Yes is does, the research demonstrates that almost 2/3rds of consumers are looking for a 4* review or above but they are also getting savvy and recognise that a perfect 5* rating might feel suspicious -no one gets is right 100% of the time. The feedback and how you resolved issues for customers really does matter, always respond to all your reviews. It’s good practice anyway, 90% of customers say they read through the business’s response, especially how they deal with negative feedback.

Top of the review board is Google, so if you still haven’t got your Business Profile optimized, get in touch and we can get you started.