Royals move to Windsor to be closer to HRH Queen Elizabeth

Prince William and his young family are moving to our hometown. We live in the area, so this is of some interest to Graham and I, only really in that it will be an additional layer of security for the town when they are on the school run.
7 September 2022 | GorillaHub News

The young royals are moving into Adelaide Cottage on the Windsor Estate, apparently, this is a 4-bedroom cottage rather than their 20-bedroom home in Kensington Palace; I would imagine this will be a lot easier to keep clean!

Back to school is a challenging time for any family, you can be juggling more than one child, and often different schools can present a logistical nightmare. I expect the Royals will have an abundance of help over the coming weeks. Our families are a little older, so more independent, and capable of taking some responsibilities in getting things ready for the return to school.

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