Our Work: Flying Without Fear

The Requirement

Website management, development and support of membership and ecommerce websites for aviation trainer

Captain Keith Godfrey is a retired British Airways pilot who has made it his life’s mission to help people overcome their fear of flying to give them the ability to travel across the world by air, an opportunity most of us take for granted. Captain Keith is a published author who sells his books, training courses and other digital assets online and also offers a paid membership as a premium service.

With such importance on his online platforms, Captain Keith trusts GorillaHub to keep them in great shape and serving his business.

Flying Without Fear praise GorillaHub

About Flying Without Fear

Flying Without Fear is a training academy based in the UK helping people to overcome their fear of flying.


"They have an excellent support system and I always know exactly what’s happening at any time. I have total confidence in them …how many times can you say that about anything nowadays?"

The Outcome

We keep Flying Without Fear airborne and helping nervous flyers get the help they need

With both sites looked after by our best-selling Care Plan, Site Essentials, Keith can relax knowing his websites are professionally managed and maintained properly.  The most important aspects of the site are monitored, from security to performance and availability, to ensure we can spot issues early to prevent bigger problems later on.

Site Essentials comes with technical support included, meaning Keith can simply request changes and fixes without additional costs and he can top up his TimeBank for larger pieces of work to improve his website as the business changes.


– Care Plan keeps sites online
– Support of e-commerce and membership features included
– Sites have been managed by us since 2016

What Flying Without Fear SayS

Like almost every business owner I depend upon a stable and reliable platform for my three websites.  I need good and up to date advice, I need problems to be fixed as soon as possible and I need the sites to be available 24/7.  Gorillahub give me all that.

Most importantly I know that their support and customer care is about my needs, if I mess up the formatting on my site I know they’ll patiently resolve the problem as soon as they can. If I need help with design changes I know that the advice they give me will be spot on. They are always up to date with changes in legislation and SEO requirements so I know that if changes are needed they’ll keep me informed and advise me.

Their design and technical teams are friendly, capable and have an obvious enthusiasm for working with their customers. They have an excellent support system and I always know exactly what’s happening at any time. I have total confidence in them …how many times can you say that about anything nowadays?

Brilliant. Thanks guys.

  • Captain Keith Godfrey

    Flying Without Fear

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