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Refresh of financial news site

News-focused design putting content front and centre

Total Market Solutions required a refresh of its existing news website providing content to investors daily,  in a fresher and more mobile-friendly way.  There was also a requirement for a shortened project duration to meet both our customer’s content plans and upcoming renewals of service agreements.

About Total Market Solutions

Total Market Solutions offers a unique media platform created to enhance market footprint. The team has been generated from city professionals, financial journalists, and analysts. The primary objective is to enable investors in the junior markets to obtain a fuller, concise picture and engage more closely with the desired company.


"Superb! From start to finish the guys keep me updated daily and changes and feedback were always a key part in the strategy"


New website as a foundation for 2022 content plans

With a reasonably short project window, there was little time for bespoke design so we proposed a templated design, supplemented with design support.

This provided the best of both worlds and had the additional benefit of a lower cost than a fully bespoke design. Being primarily a news website, we drew inspiration from media channels for template selection and each content category is given a dedicated section on the website.

The site was configured and connected to Google Analytics which TMS review regularly to help with decision-making when planning content.

The new site was approved and launched within a week of sign-off.

Additional development included integrating external news, technical analysis (charting) feeds and data migration of over 300 existing posts from wordpress.com.

We are also planning the next iteration of the website to include virtual and in-person events. Total Market Solutions takes full advantage of the included support time each month for technical support as well as media editing and social media graphic creation.


Delivered on time and budget.

– Templated design to lower costs and shorten project duration
– 300+ posts and thousands of media files migrated from WordPress.com
– Increase in website speed by 30%

What Total Market Solutions SayS

Superb! From start to finish the guys keep me updated daily, and changes and feedback were always a key part in the strategy.

Attention to detail was key, and the guys were available at times to fit in with me and make me feel like a valued customer rather than so many other organisations when you are made to feel second rate and fit in with them! Highly recommended.

  • David Burton

    Total Market Solutions

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