Hardworking business websites

Make yours an active tool to power growth & serve your business 24 hours a day

Is your website working to its full potential?

Websites are very often an underutilised service in your business. Here at GorillaHub, we can help turn your website into a growth machine so that it serves your business in all aspects of what you do.

Cutting costs can hinder expansion – now is the time to out-compete your competition.

We are experts in website integration and automation so talk to us about having your site do so much more. Start earning more money from your website.

From promoting your services and digital products, building awareness around your core message, and communicating what’s going on to your customers to capturing leads, integrating systems, making bookings, or taking payments – the era of harder working websites is upon us.

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Your website could:

"From the offset Craig and his team were highly communicative, very responsive, and took our ideas and change requests into account without any hassle"

Dan Hayward, Managing Director
Atmosphere IT

"The team are very patient with my requests and always aims to provide a swift solution"

Alison Roche, ARI Secretariat
Associaton of Nephrology Nurses

"A pleasure to work with"

Carlie Qirem, Chief Operating Officer
Argon International

"What can I can say, except where have you been all my life!"

Dan Lee, Operations Director

"Dealing with the people of GorillaHub has always been pleasant, and they have always been helpful."

Jai Patel, Director
JB Foods

"The ongoing support from the team has been invaluable"

Annelize Alfredo, Head of Centre
The Sheila Ferrari Dyslexia Centre

"I felt valued & supported throughout the entire process"

Jo Follows-Smith,
The Word Woman

"I am not very tech savvy but they were able to walk me through the whole process"

Jon Brooker, Founder

"Superb! From start to finish the guys keep me updated daily and changes and feedback were always a key part in the strategy"

David Burton, CEO
Total Market Solutions

"Whenever I’ve requested changes however small or large, the work has been carried out efficiently and professionally"

Geoff Allen, Owner
Travallen Travel

Customer Feedback

Our Customers

We help businesses like yours to grow

We have built and managed websites for businesses of all sizes, from startups with single-page starter sites right up to large and complex e-commerce sites with custom API integration.

Our customers can be found across the whole of the UK (and a handful even further afield)

Let’s talk about how we can bring your ideas to life. If you are near Windsor, it woud be great to meet over a coffee.

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What we do

We build and manage hardworking websites to help business owners deliver and grow their business.

For many businesses without the backup of a technical team, managing a website can be time-consuming and requires a level of technical knowledge and access to marketing professionals that most small businesses don’t have.

We use a transparent pricing system so that there are no unplanned costs.

Our unique processes ensure that you always know delivery times for fixing website problems and updates. This means that your business can continue to operate with complete peace of mind.

Managed Business Websites

A site to be proud of, designed to grow with you

Your website is an extension of what you do. It should fully represent you, as well as support your business as it grows.

We can help drive your business forward with a new fully-managed website plan with hosting and development support included.

From £575

Small Business Website
Small Business website management

Website Care Plans

Expert website management & support

Do you lack the time, skills or desire to look after your website’s content, security, performance and maintenance routines?

Let our team of developers and engineers take care of it all for you

From £30/mo

Care Plans

How we work

We build partnerships

We work very differently from most small website agencies, typically set up to deliver only website projects.

Our ethos is to be an agency that unifies all your website and technical needs to build you a powerful asset that you can be proud of.

It is this service and ongoing support that makes GorillaHub different from the rest.

It’s why we are the web partner of choice for nearly 100 UK businesses. Let’s talk

How we Work
  • Proven service delivery

    We have decades of experience in Service Delivery and have built and managed hundreds of websites so we know a thing or two about the best way to do things.  You can trust in our experience when choosing your next web partner. 

  • Monitoring & Automation

    Security threats are ever present and the typical website can face hundreds of automated attacks a day.  To help us we have invested in sophisticated monitoring systems (we even write our own WordPress monitoring checks).

  • Software Management

    Keeping your website software up to date is a key defence against hacking and we automatically monitor your website’s WordPress, Theme and plugins to understand what needs updating to keep it working correctly and to fix any security vulnerabilities before hackers have a chance to exploit them.

  • Your Web Solutions, In One Place

    By choosing GorillaHub, you get access to our team of design, technical, development, marketing and service delivery experts. This is the most cost-effective and simplest way to invest in your ket business marketing asset – your website.

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